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soapstone kitchen countertops


Soapstone is probably one of the most interesting natural stones. There is no other natural stone that has a nonporous surface like soapstone countertops. Soapstone having the nonporous surface makes it a bacteria free stone. Another good thing about soapstone counters is that they do not need to be sealed like granite countertops, or marble countertops. Mineral oiling, or putting a wax on soapstone counter tops is recommended to enhance the beauty of the stone, also hide potential scratches. That is right, scratches.

Soapstone is a very soft material (a lot softer than granite, softer than marble) that is why it can scratch easier than other counter material options. The scratches could be hidden by the mineral oil, they can also be easily buffed out.

Check out this photo if you would like to see more about countertops hardness on Mohs’s scale.

Soapstone is available in gray, green, black, and blue color tones. Unfortunately, soapstone does not offer a variety of color options like granite countertops, or quartz countertops. Most granite fabricators will not have soapstone slabs in their stock, or there will be only a couple of options.

Soapstone is not the least expensive counter option while it is not also the most expensive counter option. Soapstone prices usually range from $75 to $100 sq. ft. in addition to cut outs, and other additional labor such as removing and disposing of the existing countertops. We always recommend to check with our store on the material availability and pricing before making concrete plans for your next countertops.

The photo shows a marble island cabinetry with soapstone island countertop on. The stone is mineral oiled so white veining looks more pronounced.

Soapstone is a softer stone so we recommend using support brackets for large overhangs. When to use the bracket depends on the actual soapstone type, and some job conditions. Read this blog post if you would like to read more about support brackets in natural, and quartz countertops.

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