typhoon bordeaux granite

Typhoon Bordeaux was one of the most popular colors 5-6 years ago. It is still popular for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops but is lost its ground a little since white cabinets became popular. Typhoon Bordeux is a still perfect granite option with cream, black, oak, maple and cherry cabinets.
Typhoon Bordeaux is one of those granite slabs that varies a lot slab to slab so it is extremely important that you view and select your own slabs before any fabrication occurs.
The background color of Typhoon Bordeaux Granite is usually cream. Some other colors this stone usually contains are, hold, brown, black, (green rarely.
The pattern on Typhoon Bordeaux could be side to side, as well as top to bottom. Consistency of the slabs, and pattern being long ways is a plus in Typhoon Bordeux Granite slabs.
Laying out Typhoon Bordeaux granite slabs for your kitchen is usually no problem however, this also depends on the lay out. The perfect colors matching on seams may not always be possible with this particular color so make sure to view and approve your final lay out before cutting.
Typhoon Bordeaux slabs are usually around 115-120″ x 70-74″. It is also good to mention that Typhoon Bordeaux Granite slabs will usually have natural fissure lines in it so make sure to inspect ahead of fabrication.
Some of the other popular granite options are; Fiesta Granite, and Valle Nevado Granite.

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