Typhoon Bordeux Granite


Is Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Expensive? 
Typhoon Bordeaux granite is not very expensive. Granite prices start at $40 per sq. ft. and could be up to $300-$400 per sq. ft. Typhoon Bordeuax Granite will usually go for $55-$85 per sq. ft. depending on the actual lot, and fabricator. 
What is Typhoon Bordeaux Granite? 

Typhoon Bordeuax is a granite from Brazil which is commonly  used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, Typhoon Bordeaux granite has some nice big movements in it making it a unique choice of countertops. 

Where Does Typhoon Bordeaux Come From? 

The typhoon bordeaux granite comes from bedrock quarry in Brazil. 

Which Granite Shops Near Me Has Typhoon Bordeuax Granite? 

Columbus Granite usually carries actual slabs of Typhoon Bordeaux in stock. It is likely that some of the natural stone suppliers in the Columbus area will also have some available. 

Does Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Vary Slab to Slab? 

Typhoon Bordeaux has high movement in it so yes, there will be big color and pattern difference among different Typhoon Bordeaux granite blocks. Slabs within the same lot are expected to look similar though. 

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