Virginia Mist Honed

virginia mist honed granite

Yes, Virginia Mist Granite is from Virginia near Culpeper area. It is a popular stone with the white an gray design trending. Virginia Mist Granite is also popular because of the look of the stone. It is a granite that looks a lot like a soapstone. Soapstone Countertops can scratch easy and need to mineral oiled time to time to hide potential scratches. We still recommend that Virginia Mist granite is sealed periodically.

Virginia Mist honed or Virginia Mist polished granite can be easily combined with marble counter tops, or white quartz counter-tops. Using marble countertops on an island where you do not have a sink, or cooktop is a good idea. Virginia Mist Granite can also be combined with Calacatta quartz countertops if you would like to use a sturdier stone.

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