Warm Carrara

White Carrara Quartz Columbus Ohio

White Carrara Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Columbus Ohio

White carrara is a natural marble from Italy. It has been famous for years and years. White Carrara marble is also used for floor and back splash tiles. Quartz companies try to imitate the white carrara marble look in quartz products only with better durability. Carrara Marmi from Q Qaurtz is one of those imitations as well as Cashmire Carrra quartz. Another type is the Warm Carrara quartz with the Carrara marble look but with warm color tones and a little bit grayer background.
Warm Carrra quartz slabs are 126″ x 64″ Warm Carrara is reasonably priced compared with other quartz options such as Calacatta Ultra, or Calacatta Leon Quartz by MSI Q Quartz. Warm Carrara quartz works best with gray kitchen cabinets, black cabinets, oak, cherry and maple kitchen cabinets. If you are in interested in whether Carrera quartz or Calacatta Quartz, you have come to the right place. Visit us to view actual slabs, choose your kitchen countertops today!

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