White Princess

white princess quartzite

White Princess is a quartzite from Brazil. While most quartzite has off white (usually gray or yellowish) background, the White Princess quartzite is white crystally background. Taj Mahal Quartzite is a good example of a hard quartzite that does not have a white background. Another example would be Infinity Whtie Quartzite.  
White Princess is very hard to stone, however, if you work on it still it will be possible to scratch the white princess while it is not possible to scratch granite or some other hard quartzite will not get scratched using a knife. 
White Princess quartzite sometimes comes in with a lot of pattern, and sometimes very plain almos pure white. It is always hard to find the good looking slabs without odd patterning, color blemishes in it. 
White Princess comes in polished, honed, and leather finishes. Polished finish of White Princess will be the easiest to keep clean, and maintain in the long run while honed, and leather finishes provide a unique overall look. 
White Princess quartzite is good to use for kitchen counters, bar tops, bathroom vanity tops, and a lot more. 

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