White Princess Quartz

White Princess Quartz Countertops

The slabs will start looking alike after a while when it comes to Quartz Countertops. The most common quartz design is Calacatta Design which resembles an Italian Marble, Calalcatta. The second most common quartz design is Carrara design again resembling an Italian Marble. Other common quartz designs are Sparkling White, Sparkling Gray, Gray quartz, Black quartz. 
It is hard to find a quartz color that is unique, that does not look just like your uncle’s countertops. Here where the White Princess quartz comes to the play. White Princess is a quartz that is not seen anywhere else yet. The coloring, and patterning is unique. It is still a quartz that you can use for your kitchen countertops because it is warm, and welcoming. I have to say it is possible to rarely find some other unique quartz slabs but the colors are not something you want to see in your kitchen countertops next 10 years. 
White Princess quartz has white, gray and black coloring in it. The patterning is not too small so it does not look like Formica Countertops. The patterning is not too big where you do not need to worry about which section of the slab you will end up with. The color and pattern combination of this White Princess quartz will give your kitchen a deep, modern, and unique look. 
The unique design, color, and beautiful pattern backed up by a reputable Italian Company (Antolini Quartz) will not come for the most competitive price unfortunately. White Princess Quartz is slightly higher than Calacatta Line quartz in the price. Come see the actual slab in person any day of the week at Columbus Granite. Call us at  614 771 3733 if you have any questions. 


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