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Bathroom Overhaul with Granite

I spent months devising plans to overhaul my bathroom and was set on using granite to replace the vanity tops. However, my husband had his heart set on replacing the tiles on our existing concrete vanity. I wasn’t fond of tiles because of the hassle of re-grouting them every year unless I spent a fortune on cleaning solutions. I sought something more low-maintenance, hygienic, and just as durable. Consequently, I had to research Granite Vanity Tops in Columbus to gain sufficient knowledge to convince my husband, who believed that granite was only suitable for the kitchen. I have to say quartz countertops was a good option too but I just liked the fact that granite is a natural product.

Granite is formed by the cooling of molten lava that oozes down during a volcanic eruption. This natural igneous rock’s resistance to heat is probably why it is so popular for kitchens. Additionally, its scratch resistance makes it appealing and durable, ensuring that it will not need to be replaced for years to come or chip from hard objects, unlike tiles, which are prone to cracking. Over time, I would always have to purchase extra tiles to replace those that got chipped or cracked. Furthermore, I learned that granite is hygienic due to its porous material, which cannot be contaminated by bacteria or germs. Cleaning its surface would only require soap and water, saving me money on expensive cleaning products.

I found a wide selection of Granite Vanity Tops at Columbus granite on Westbrooke Dr. with impressive designs, colors, and patterns to choose from. With more than 50 color options available, choosing one was quite a challenge. There was even some remnant options at discounted prices. They were all so lovely that I was going crazy. My sister recommended choosing a dark color for the bathroom area because light colors show dirt more, particularly when putting on makeup and powder falls. She preferred the Black Galaxy slate to the Absolute Black slate because it offered a more sparkly pattern. However, black was a bit too dark for my taste buds, but it looked lovely in the restroom of a luxury hotel I visited last week for lunch. Naturally, I had to let my husband know they used granite there!

After much discussion, I chose Magma Gold because my cupboard doors were cream-colored, and I needed a darker color. The hint of gold with grey gave my vanity area a Cleopatra’s palace look. It was difficult to choose between Magma Gold, Siena Bordeaux, and Crema Bordeaux, so I let my husband decide. It was the least I could do after he so willingly agreed to my choice. He even agreed to have granite installed in the guest bathroom after he saw how luxurious it made our master bath look. Granite Vanity Tops in Columbus were truly worth the research!

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