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Granite Fabricator in Columbus OH

As a pet project, I purchased a house in Columbus OH with the intention of flipping it and reselling it for a profit. My goal was to create a luxurious atmosphere that would appeal to potential homebuyers, giving them the confidence that they could move in and live comfortably. I had to completely gut the interior of the house to install more durable flooring and remodel the kitchen and bathrooms. To help keep labor costs low, I enlisted the help of my father and brothers. I made sure to provide plenty of food, snacks, and drinks to keep them happy during the process.

For the flooring, I wanted a luxurious, high-society feel that tile and laminate couldn’t provide, so I opted for marble. To maintain this theme throughout the house, I decided to install granite kitchen countertops and quartz bathroom vanities. My family believed that they could handle the installation themselves, but I knew we needed to hire a professional. I searched for a Granite Fabricator in Columbus OH and discovered Columbus Granite, which specialized in both marble and granite.

I accompanied my father on a visit to Columbus Granite to explore the range of products they offer, and I was genuinely impressed by the expertise displayed by their sales representative. Their assistance proved invaluable as I swiftly made the ideal choices for patterns and colors, catering to every area of our house. Within a short span of one or two days, the skilled team from Columbus Granite conducted a site visit. During this visit, their engineer handled my lively family members, who were convinced they could undertake the countertop installation themselves, with utmost professionalism.

The sales rep explained that professionals are needed for the installation of granite and quartz kitchen countertops because they can easily detect and fix unevenness, incorrect work, and stress fractures. If these issues are missed during the initial installation, it could result in costly repairs later on. Additionally, they mentioned that the countertops may need to be trimmed during installation, which requires specialized tools and personnel.

After the site visit, everyone agreed that granite and quartz installation is best left to the professionals. The team at Columbus Granite had countertops installed in just two weeks. They even allowed my family members to assist with the process so that they could learn about the installation process. I highly recommend Columbus Granite as the best Granite Fabricator in Columbus OH for their professionalism, patience, knowledge, and quality of products. Their prices were also reasonable. We ended up going with Viscount White Granite, and we couldn’t be happier with the final result.

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