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Granite Fabricator in Columbus OH

As a pet project, I bought a house in Columbus OH so that I can flip it and resell it. I also wanted to ensure that it had that luxury feel to appeal more to future home owners, giving them the assurance that they need only to move in. The entire inside of the house had to be gutted because I wanted to install a more durable flooring and remodel the kitchen and bathrooms. I enrolled the help of my father and brothers because this would help in lowering the cost of labor considerable. I just had to ensure there was enough food, snacks and drinks around to keep them happy. Granite Fabricator in Columbus OH

For the flooring, I wanted Marble to create that luxurious, high-society feel, which tile and laminate could not give you. I had to maintain this theme throughout the house so I opted for granite kitchen countertops as well as for the bathroom vanities. My family was convinced that they could install these themselves so I had a tough time in store to convince them that we should hire a professional. I searched for a Granite Fabricator in Columbus OH and came across Columbus Granite. I was pleased to learn that they also specialized in Marble which I needed for my flooring.

I visited the establishment to peruse their inventory with my father, and was immediately surprised by the knowledge base of their sales representative. I was able to immediately choose the patterns I wanted for each area of the house because they even knew what colors looked best in different settings. I selected the color slabs and within a day or two they came over for the site visit. The engineer was completely professional in dealing with the rowdy men at my house who each had his own plethora of questions, trying to convince themselves that they could do the installation themselves.

Of course, being a professional, the engineer convinced them that this was best left to the specialists because even though it may seem as simply balancing the stone unto the concrete slab, the experts can easily detect and fix unevenness, incorrect work and stress fractures, to name a few, which if missed during the initial installation, would result in hefty repairs later on. He even mentioned that the granite may need to be trimmed during the installation and if the necessary tools or professional personnel are not available, then a do it yourself project such as this would cost more rather than less.

At the end of the site visit, everyone was thoroughly convinced that granite and marble installation should best be left with the professionals. It took all of two weeks to have my flooring in and my countertops in place. The team at Columbus Granite even allowed my family to assist so that they could learn about the process, for which I am very grateful. If you are searching for the best Granite Fabricator in Columbus OH, this company would not disappoint. I would recommend Columbus Granite for their sheer professionalism, patience, knowledge and quality of products. Their prices were amazing as well. Check out Viscount White Granite if you would like to know what we ended up going with.

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