belverede polished granite

belverede polished granite

Belverede Polished Granite in Columbus Ohio

Belverede is a granite from South Africa, processed and polished in Italy. It has black under tones with gold, cream and white veining. The black undertone is in the lighter end making is different than some other black granite such as Black Fussion Granite, and Cosmic Black granite. The polished finish of this version granite really pops and makes a statements in the kitchen countertops. Belverede granite is also available in leather finish. Please check with us at 614 771 3733 current stock for this granite as the demand is high for it.

Belverede granite is scratch and heat resistant like other granite. What is more, Belverede is a very dense granite so it is a lot less absorbent than light color granite such as Fiesta Granite.

Belverede granite is considered exotic granite so the price is on the higher side. We believe that the price is well worth for the final look.

Please feel free to visit Columbus Granite if you would like to view actual slabs of Belverede or another granite We provide measurement, fabrication, and installation all in house here at Columbus Granite.

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