Bianco Macea

white granite kitchen countertops

Bianco Macea granite is from India. It has mainly white background. It also has black, and terracata color tones. Bianco Macea granite has an a lot lighter background than most other granite like Fiesta Granite, Moon White Granite. What is interesting about this particular stone is that it has some iridescent pattern in the stone that can be seen at different angles. Another interesting facet about this particular granite is that stone has some translucent parts.
Bianco Macea granite works with most common cabinet colors like white, black cherry, oak, espresso. Using any material with white cabinets is not always easy as the countertop material can make the cabinets look yellow, or gray, or wise-versa. Here at Columbus Granite, we always recommend that you bring a door or drawer of your actual cabinets to see how things look in advance. Having the opportunity to be able to view actual slabs help a lot in choosing kitchen countertops.
Bianco Macae granite is a medium price granite. It is possible to find more economical granite options such as Valle Nevado Granite, or Viscount White Granite. It is also possible to find more expensive granite such as Centarous granite.

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