Calacatta Classico

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Calacatta Classico quartz is another quartz that we import from Italy. Antolini is the manufacturer of the stone. The slabs are 126 inch by 64 inch . This particular quartz color resembles true calacatta marble. The background of the stone is white. It has soft Marble movements in it. It is not a very pedestrian stone, it is not a very busy stone either. LeapPad learning in the stone is consistent throughout the slab. This way the countertops will not look weird among different pieces. This phone is appropriate for smaller kitchen projects as well as bigger kitchen projects.

Calacatta Classico quartz mid-priced stone option. It is possible to say that this quartz has some translucent colors in it. It is a safe stone which will not contradict with any other design in your kitchen. It is possible to find a lot of calacatta kitchen quartz options in the market. However, same exact coloring and patterning will not be very common.

Calacatta, and white carrara are the two very famous Italian marble. A lot of quartz will imitate the look of these two stones. White carrara is a more consistent look compared to calacatta marble. Since more unusual countertops are trendy these days, Calacatta design is more popular in quartz countertops, and bathroom vanity tops.

Calacatta Terra, Calacatta Alpha are best sellers quartz colors. Their attractive price tag, plus look makes them the perfect choice of countertops. Contact Columbus Granite today to choose your new kitchen countertops.

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