Calacatta Ultra

calacatta ultra q quartz by MSI

Calacatta Ultra Q Quartz Countertops in Columbus Ohio
Calacatta Ultra quartz has exceptionally big slab size 136″ x 76″ making it possible to get a much better yield out of the slabs. Having the super jumbo slabs also makes it possible to make your island countertop bigger size without having any seams in it.
Calacatta Ultra has a white background (whiter than many other quartz) The gray lines in the stone are very soft so they will not look busy or fight with other designs in your kitchen.

Calacatta Ultra Quartz Price Point

Calacatta Ultra is a high end quartz, however, we are still able to keep the price reasonable here at Columbus Granite. Feel free to send us a drawing for your kitchen with some rough measurements if you would like us to price Calacatta Quartz or another quartz for you. (

Calacatta Ultra quartz is appropriate to use with white, black, gray kitchen cabinets. Also check out Calacatta Leon quartz if you would like to have the advantage of super jumbo slabs in a different color. If you would like to check out another quartz color that is similar to Calacatta Ultra, see Calacatta Apha quartz.

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