Juparana Delicatus

Juparana Bordeaux Granite in Columbus Ohio


Juparana Delicatus is a natural stone that originates from Brazil, now while in the United States this stone is classified as a granite in Europe it is also considered a Gneiss which is a high grade metamorphic rock, which means this stone may contain feldspar and quartz as its major components.
Typically this stone will be more of an overall white tone but will have other features and colors to it such as veining, black and creamy undertones, and beautiful patterns. Just like any other natural stone from lot to lot the features and color can be a little different so you should consider viewing a full slab just to make sure it is a pattern that you can live with but it is typically a very neutral stone and can go with many shades of cabinets, paint and backsplash. This material can be used for interior and exterior use, as well as on fireplace surrounds.Despite its light coloring this stone doesn’t stain very easily, but just like other natural material you want to make sure you seal this material as well as clean up any spills. Juparana Delicatus would be a great selection in a contemporary kitchen, bathroom or just to add a little character to your home.

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