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Ever since I was a child, I loved big kitchen counters because I feel cramped working in small areas. I am very passionate about cooking and baking so I spend a lot of time working in the kitchen. My kids also stay with me, spreading out their homework on the countertops so, when time came to remodel my kitchen, I really needed something that would still be cool for them to work on while I worked with the heat from the stove and oven. I let my son search the Internet for “Kitchen Countertops Columbus OH” so that he could build on his research skills. The verdict was between marble or granite.

Both marble and granite are natural stone and resistant to heat, so are both good for kitchen countertops. These materials are heavy, so to avoid hefty transportation costs, we had to search for Kitchen Countertops Columbus OH, the area where we reside. I grew up visiting places like India and Pakistan where Marble is almost in every household because these countries suffer from severe heat. The would install it on their floors throughout the house because of its cooling effect. I always loved Marble because I was more familiar with it.

My son however, begged to differ. He compared the specifications of both online, and while there were quite similar, he favored granite more. The first major concern with the Marble slates, was the limit in colors, less than half the color choices available when compared to granite. This to me meant that marble was more expensive or granite was more popular. Either way, my son found out that Marble was prone to etch marks from vinegar or lemon juice and would therefore require more maintenance than granite which is more durable and can withstand stains. Remarkable researcher, isn’t he?

We also learnt that Marble is less resistant to scratches which is another negative factor as I have a house full of children. I won’t want to have to worry about them scraping the countertops with whatever contraption they may be fascinated with at any given day. However, don’t let this hamper you from choosing Marble because you can easily fix these stains and scratches by having it resealed, but given my situation, I should opt for something that was low maintenance. As I said before, I grew up with Marble and its beauty so a little stain or scratch would not be enough to deter me but my son convinced me that the high maintenance was unnecessary. Smart kid!

In any case, there was more of a variety of colors to choose from with the granite so I had more options to match it with the flooring and cupboards. To my delight, granite kitchen countertops could be installed in one day, unlike tiles which needed to be individually set into place with grout. I was considering having this installed as a backsplash as well since it so easy to maintain and would not burn from heat. Well like I tell my kids, if you can dream it, you can make it possible. Kitchen Countertops Columbus OH

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