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I am a big fan of granite because of its durability, patterns and quality. When you install granite, you know you made a sound investment. I looked for Granite Countertops Columbus Ohio and was pleased when I came across the company called Columbus Granite. They just happened to be close to my favorite Tim Hortons, so I knew I had the right company. I have a big house so I needed granite for a lot of areas. It required less maintenance than marble and I needed to have that professional look, since I didn’t want low quality material showing up on the blogs I did on youtube. I literally needed to revamp all my countertops, from my workshop to the kitchen, the basement and even the bathroom vanities.

I take my vlogs very seriously so I knew I needed to have a wide selection of patterns and colors to choose from so that I can keep the scenes interesting yet portray my exquisite taste. Of all the Granite Countertops Columbus Ohio available by companies in the Columbus Ohio region, Columbus Granite had the widest selection. A lot of time was saved by having everything in one location. When I called for a site visit and told them what I needed, they made sure to walk with samples of each available granite slab as well as suggested color themes and photographs they had from previous installations. I was impressed, yayy!

Down to the nitty gritty of it all. I needed a countertop for my workshop where I did a huge amount of experiments so it needed to have a light color so I can easily see if anything fell. For this, I used the Jupurana White which matched well with the white cupboards even though I feared it would clash. Light colors were necessary for the basement bar area as well because I figured it would go well with brightening up the area. However, the site engineer suggested more of a dark, neutral color, Santa Cecilia Gold, due to the amount of lighting I already had installed for when I was filming. I took his suggestion and I am completely relieved I did after filming a vlog there. Since a wide selection was available, I used different color patterns for the bathroom and laundry area in the basement as well, Napoli Cream and Alaska White, respectively. As I said, the house is huge so I didn’t need to keep the same themes throughout, plus I wanted every room to have its own individual style.

Of course, I knew I wanted the Black Galaxy for the kitchen countertops because I loved the sparkly effect and the Magma Gold for the front hall because its gold reflects so richly against the light. I used the Siena Bordeaux for the powder room and Persia White for the guest bath I had in the guest room on the ground floor. The vanity for my room was Crema Bordeaux and for the vanities in the 3 other rooms, I used the  Crema Bordeaux, Viscount White and Santa Cecilia. I even did the dressing table countertops in the same color pattern to keep the theme throughout.

So, if you are looking for Granite Countertops Columbus Ohio, you need not search any longer. The team at Columbus Granite would work with you to satisfy your requirements, trust me, I am a lot to deal with and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

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