Steel Gray Polished

steel gray polished granite columbus ohio


If you are looking for a decent dark color granite for an affordable price, you are looking at the right color. Steel Gray Granite has minimal patterning enough to make it look natural, yet it is a simple sharp looking granite for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops. Columbus Granite usually has Steel Gray slabs in stock in polish and leather finish. Call Columbus Granite today at 614 771 3733 to view actual slabs.
Steel Gray granite comes from India and it is a very dense stone. Steel Gray granite is not only appropriate for indoor projects such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, bar tops, fireplace surrounds, but also good for outdoor projects.

How much is Steel Gray Granite per sq. ft?

Depending on the type of the project, steel gray polished will usually go for $40-$50 sq. ft. in 3 cm material.

Steel Gray granite is also available in leather finish. Leather finish stones gives a kitchen a unique look, and with steel gray leather, steel at affordable prices.

Steel Gray granite slabs usually come in big sizes such as 120″ x 75″ even bigger time to time making it possible to avoid some seams in kitchen countertops projects.

Steel Gray granite can also be combined with a lighter color such as marble countertops, or quartz countertops. Using steel gray on the perimeter of the kitchen countertops, and using a marble color, or quartz color on the rest is common as well as the other way around.

Steel Gray granite has been in the market for long time and steel stays trendy with white and gray color designs being popular.

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