Titanium Gold

Titanium Gold Columbus


Titanium Gold is a beautiful more elegant stone that can be found in Brazil and India. It has a deep black background, swirls of white and quartz crystals, also throughout the stone you will find sparking grains of silver and gold mica.

This particular stone is a schist meaning it is composed of hard quartz and softer mica, it is a little softer than most granites but is still durable. It can also be honed or leathered and still keep its beautiful look. When doing your project keep in mind that this is dark and can generally go with a lot of color tones but looks amazing with lighter
Titanium would look great in a more elegant and vibrant kitchen, bathroom, fireplace walls and can be used for outdoor projects as well, the quartz veins in this stone are translucent and are great for a bar top or a reception top in
a professional application.

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