Valle Nevado Granite, A Timeless Choice

Valle Nevado Granite comes from bedrock quarry in Brazil. Its reasonable price point, simple uniform look make it attractive especially commercial projects, and budget remodels.  

valle nevado granite
Granite Stone

Valle Nevado Granite vs. White and Black Marble, Which is Better?

A lot of people  choose between granite and marble for their countertop options. And a few even assume that marble is better because of the different price points the products have. Usually, marble costs more per square foot than granite even though the latter has many good qualities that trump the need for the former.

Granite is harder than marble! Yes, it is true. So your Valle Nevado granite countertops will not chip or scratch as easily as white marble does in comparison. If the seal wears off over time, marble is more susceptible to damage via liquids which are acidic in nature.

While both require some sort of maintenance, marble may require a little more care and attention than granite.

black marble vs white granite

How Long-Lasting is Valle Nevado Granite?

valle nevado granite

Granite is a material which has been existing under the earth’s surface for a million of years thus it should not come as a surprise when we tell you that your granite countertop could easily outlast your house! I know it sounds unrealistic, but it is true and attested to by experts in geology. Countertops with other materials such as , concrete or wood will last not last you more than 20 to 30 years.

Of course, you can expect the usual wear and tear in your Valle Nevado Granite countertop as is true for every object as time passes. However, if you care for the countertop properly, you can expect a product which has stood the test of time.

And the wear and tear on kitchen countertops is tenfold as compared to other areas you might use because of the constant use of the surface. But because of it’s durability and resistance to wear and tear, Valle Nevado granite kitchen countertops in Columbus are getting more and more popular!

How to Care for Your Valle Nevado Granite Countertop?

Since Valle Nevado Granite is mostly white, you need to make sure you take care of it so it looks brand new for a long time. Like we mentioned earlier, your granite countertop has the potential to last for over a century. However, this will only be aided by the fact that you take proper care of it. The first thing you need to look into is a good sealant. You should make sure that your granite countertop is resealed every few years because sealant tends to wear off after a while. When your sealant wears off, your granite countertop is more susceptible to damage.

You should always clean up spills on your Valle Nevado granite counters right away; don’t wait for it to dry up. Make sure when you are cleaning the granite, you do  with a soft washcloth or a sponge.

Other than this you should always use coasters when you use mugs or glasses with condensation on a granite countertop.  Even though granite is heat absorbent, do not put hot pans and pots directly onto the surface; it is better to have a trivet because oil or other liquids underside of your pans may stain the stone. 

The last thing you need to keep in mind is always to use a cutting board! Yes, having a granite countertop which is easy to wash does not mean you can now forgo a cutting board. This is because cutting directly on your granite countertop can result in staining your stone. 

Following these tips can help you keep your Valle Nevado countertop looking fresh for years! 

What Is Valle Nevado’s Granite Level?

Valle Nevado is considered mostly a level 1 grade granite which makes it ideal for counter tops. The grade of granite is determined by it’s thinking, colors, patterns and a few more factors. If you have any questions regarding Valle Nevado granite level or anything else, please do not hesitate in contacting us for clarifications about your confusion. 


Since there are many different types of granite, the cost for the product really varies according to which one you choose. But you can expect the price to come somewhere in between $35 to $300!

 Guess what? Valle Nevado is one of the most economical granite in the market. From the pricing stand point, it is one of the best granite options out there.  

Valle Nevado granite costs usually between $40-50 per sq. ft. nowadays. 


granite countertops pricing

 How Valle Nevado Granite Countertop Installation Works?

While usually, people prefer to hire professionals to install their granite countertops, some brave souls either do the deed themselves or just prefer to know how it is done before they call in someone to do it for them.

The issue with installing your Valle Nevado granite countertop yourself is that you need high-grade tools to do the job which not everyone has or can afford. Not to mention the job can be dangerous because the pieces being heavy. 

But the first thing you will need is a measurement of the surface you want to install a granite countertop on, you will need to order both plywood and Valle Nevado granite in that quantity. The first you do is prep the surface to be able to be installed with granite. 

After it is installed, you apply sealant on the surface to lock it in! It is some labor intensive work which has no room for error. This is exactly why you should hire a professional to do the job. Feel free to reach out to us if you are considering a Valle Nevado granite countertop and we can give you an idea of how much the entire thing will cost! 

giallo ornamental granite
After it has been installed


Is Valle Nevado granite a better option than marble?

The anwer depends on what look you like and what the budget is for the project. Valle Nevado Granite is definately more durable than marble countertops. 

Does Valle Nevado granite stain over time?

While it is incredibly rare for Valle Nevado granite to stain, it definitely has the potential to do so if it is not cared for and used very roughly. We recommend that granite countertops are sealed periodically to prevent the stone from staining.

Are Valle Nevado granite countertops a worthy enough investment?

Valle Nevado granite is a hard surface that can potentially last for a century. The installation costs with the cost of the product itself might seem like a hefty sum but if you think about it in terms of investment, it will be worth it. The Valle Nevado granite countertop will last for years upon years in your home and the one-time investment will prove to be very worth it.

What are some other names for Valle Nevado Granite? 

Fortaleza is another name for Valle Nevado Granite. Fortaleza is more of a international trade name of the stone where Valle Nevado is more of a local name for the stone. 

Luna Pearl is a very similar stone to Valle Nevado granite. It is just a touch different. Bianco Sardo is also a very similar stone to Valle Nevado Granite. 


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