Things that you should know about Quartz Countertop Columbus OH

You may have heard from many that Quartz countertop Columbus OH are really good and becoming really popular. Are you also planning to go for Quartz Countertop in your kitchen but don’t know much about them? If so, here you will find all the necessary information that you need to know about the Quartz countertop.

In past, it was said that quartz lacks in certain patterns and colors because there are very less variations found in natural stones, so all the slabs used to be similar with little or no variations. But that point is gone now, because of the great engineering techniques which offer enough flecks, random pattering, and swirls. This makes them different from the real stone and makes them unique, shiny and impressible. Earlier, they used to come polished finish only but now you can get with a sandblasted, honed or embossed treatment as per your desire.  So if you want matte finish, textured slate or glossy granite then quartz countertop is the right option for you. Even though polish option is the most common, and offers the wide variety, it is still possible to find a few that are in different finishes.

Quartz countertops are the most durable for your kitchen because they are made from the hardest minerals available on earth. Along with the strength, they are equally eye-catching. They come in variety of patterns, colors such as apple green, red, earthy brown, and even with sparkle creams. These slabs are especially designed and engineered in the factory unlike other natural-stone slabs. They consist of quartz (93%) and polyester resins which are used to bind it and pigments that give it different colors. In some cases, metallic flecks or recycled glasses are also added to make designs different. The resins make them scratch and heat resistant and non porous which means they are resistant from any kind of bacteria of germs.

They last for years but if you want to maintain their look and shine same like the first day then you need to wipe them every day with warm water and soap after use. But make sure that the soap should be mild. There is also a rumor that they have to be sealed at least once in a year to make them last longer but it is not true at all. Quartz countertops do not require any kind of sealant. It may cost you little more but the investment is long lasting. You may go for the cheap granite countertop colors, but then it will have scratches, holes, and roughness after some years and then you will have to replace it all over again and will have to spend the more money. Cheap granite options are also very porous making the the countertops look wet all the time. Therefore, it is much better to spend little more in the beginning then to waste money again and again after few years. So, which one is the good deal for you? Long term investment or many short terms? The expected cost will be around $50 to $90 per sq. foot but you may negotiate about it with the company from whom you will be installing the Quartz countertop.

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