Anthracite Granite

Vermont Black Granite, Anthracite Granite

Vermont Black Granite AKA Anthracite Granite AKA Anthracite Black Granite AKA Carbon Gray

Vermont Black is a Brazilian granite having slate, and soapstone look. The charcoal coloring with minimal veining makes this stone a plain countertop option. The Vermont Black is also called Anthracite Granite because it resembles anthracite. It is also called Carbon Gray

Anthracite Black Granite is a good compromise on soapstone or slate countertops because it will hold up better than those options.

American Soapstone Granite, Steel Gray Leather granite, Black Mist, American Black, Black Pearl Leather, Virginia Mist Granite are some of the other options having a similar honed/leathered finish in dark colors.

A lot of soapstone slabs will also have a similar look however, true soapstone will usually have a greenish or bluish tend to it rather than being true charcoal slate similar look. Most soapstone slabs called “black soapstone” are actually either not true black in coloring or not true soapstone.

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