Calacatta Berrini

Calacatta Berrini


There are a lot of popular countertop options to choose from. Namely, granite, marble ,soapstone, quartzite, and quartz countertops.

There are a lot of reasons as to why someone should choose quartz countertops over other options. In this article, we will mention a few of these reasons


This is correct. Quartz countertops do not require any maintenance unlike natural stone options such as granite, marble, quartzite. Furthermore, quartz countertops do not stain as natural Stone options. This is probably one of the biggest reasons a lot of people choose quartz countertops over granite and marble countertops.


There’s no question that marble has a beautiful look, but unfortunately this beautiful look does not come without the fragility of it. This is where the quartz countertops come to play. They look very much like marble countertops, however; they are a lot sturdier. What is more, they usually cost a lot less than marble countertops will.


Natural stones come with natural defects. The defects are cracks, official lines, surface pitting, unpolished areas. Quartz countertops are free of these natural defects. Don’t worry about natural defects of the stone if you go with quartz countertops. Rather focus on the beauty you of the stone.


Natural stone countertops usually have slab size limitations. Quartz countertops usually come in Long slabs where it is possible to eliminate some of the seams you would otherwise have. In addition, because quartz countertops are a lot more durable, your fabricator will more likely try to eliminate some of the seams because they don’t need to worry about the fragility of the stone during transportation, and installation of it.

Calacatta Ultra, Calacatta Trevi are just a couple of the quartz options Columbus Granite offers.

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