absolute black honed granite

absolute black honed


Absolute Black is a granite from India. It is one of the most standard colors that has been in the market for years, and will likely continue to be because black color never gets out of style, just like pure white quartz.

Absolute Black is a very dense granite where it does not absorb liquids as easy as some of the light color granite will. Absolute Black granite always looks good with any color of cabinets, and any design application. It always looks sharp with white cabinets.

Absolute Black comes in polished finish, honed finish, and leather finish. It is a little hard to keep the leather finish, and honed finish clean so we recommend that you do your own research before you make your final decision on the honed or leather finish of the Absolute Black granite.

Absolute Black granite usually comes in big size slabs such as 120″ x 75″

Absolute Black granite is a very solid granite without much pattern to it. Absolute Black granite is also free from fissure lines, cracks, surface pitting.

Absolute Black granite will have different shades of black color based on the actual slab you choose. It is possible to see very small white dots in the color tones.

It is possible to apply any of the edge options on the absolute black granite such as pencil edge, o’gee edge, full bullnose edge, and eased edge.

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