White Spring Granite in Columbus

Types & varieties of Granite Countertop to choose for your Columbus house

Alright! So you have finally decided that you want to go for Granite countertop for your Columbus house but that’s not the end! You have to further choose from its types and then from the numerous varieties. This article will help you to know the different types & varieties of countertops that come in Granite.

Types of Granite Countertops –

Slab Granite – It is the most common and widely accepted by the majority of people when thinking about the granite countertop for their homes. They are customized in a workshop or factory as per your house fitting. They are really heavy in weight and thus is it recommended that they should be installed by the expert professionals. Among all the types of granite, this one is the most expensive. There are few things that you should keep in mind while choosing the granite for your kitchen like it should be of first quality and secondly inspect the slab properly for any kind of crack or scratch.

Tiled Granite – Number of granite tiles are placed edge to edge to create tiled countertops and then they are secured with epoxy to make them solid. They are less costly as compared to the slab granite. When they are installed correctly then they give a very high quality look. But they are bit difficult to clean and after few years their shine may get low if they are not properly cleaned. Therefore, it is recommended to wipe them with warm water and soap every day after use.

Modular Granite- They are made from pre cut pieces of granite but they are only available in normal/standard counter shapes and sizes. So, if you have custom kitchen then you will have to think twice for this type of granite but sometimes they do work. You will need expert assistance in that case. For standard kitchen sizes they work great and can be easily installed. Simply put the pieces together and that’s it you will get the seamless look.

Some of the varieties of granite countertops are –

Black Granite – It is very solid black granite which has very consistent texture and color. You can either use it for your countertops, architectural features, and floors or even in outside cladding. Some of the black color granite options include absolute black granite, black pearl granite, and steel gray granite.

Coffee Brown Granite – It has brown shade which is a mixture of coffee and chocolate. You can either get it in the form of tiles or slabs; both are available in it. It is quite often recommended for residential and commercial projects. Some of the brown colors include baltic brown granite, tropical brown granite.

White Granite – White granite gives a very appealing and royal look to the kitchen. It comes with dynamic patterns which makes it really beautiful. Its colors and patterns make it versatile. Some examples of White Granite include Alaskan White Granite, Pitaya Granite, River White Granite, Valle Nevado Granite.

These are just few of the main colors that come in granite. All the above mentioned colors & types of granites come in numerous design patters from which you can choose the right one as per your choice. Their price will vary as per their quality, design and popularity.

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